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Size and types of cake toppers

What size are the toppers?

    Our standard sizes of toppers are:

    • A4 sheets
    • 7.5” (19cm)
    • 2.13” (5.4cm)                      12 per sheet
    • 1.5” (3.8cm)                       30 per sheet
    • 1" (2.5cm)                           54 per sheet

    Can I order any other sizes?

      We can print custom sized toppers onto A4 sheets which you can cut out with sharp scissors or a craft knife.

      You will need to specify a size for your image/s - we will advise if your request is not possible. If we don’t have dimensions we may email to request them which could delay your order.

      What are icing sheets?

        Icing Sheets are a thin layer of icing which is pressed onto a plastic backing sheet and peels off easily. The sheets are A4 in size and are soft and flexible.

        What are icing cupcake toppers?

          Icing toppers are very thin flexible pre-shaped icing discs which are pressed onto a plastic backing sheet.  If you want your icing cake toppers to be thicker and hard, you can back them with flowerpaste discs - see our "how to" video here.

          Standard or premium rice paper?

            Standard rice paper is 0.44mm which is very thin and your toppers will be slightly translucent.

            Premium rice paper is 0.7mm which gives it the feel of very thin card which is white in colour.

            What is the shelf life of toppers?

              All of our toppers have a shelf life of at least six months if stored in their packaging at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.