Instructions – My Cupcake Toppers
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How do I apply rice paper toppers?

Precut rice paper toppers can be placed straight onto your cupcake icing.  If you did not select the precut option, simply trim your cake toppers to size and place onto your iced cake/s.

How do I use icing cupcake toppers?

These cupcake toppers need to be dried out in a cool oven for 5-10 minutes which makes them firm enough to pop off the backing paper.  Preheat your oven to 60°C then leave to cool for 10 minutes before putting your toppers in. 

Alternatively you can leave flat on a worktop for around 1 hour and they should easily peel away from the backing sheet (NB. this method may not work in warm or humid conditions and you should use the oven method instead).  

You can make the discs thicker by sticking them to a disc of flowerpaste which you will need to leave to dry overnight.

GAS OVENS - Gas Mark 1 is too hot for the toppers, so we advise putting your oven on for a couple of minutes, then let it cool down for 10 minutes before putting your toppers in.

How do I apply large icing toppers?

Trim to size with clean scissors then carefully remove the frosting sheet from the plastic backing and apply it to the iced cake before carefully and gently smoothing with either your hand or a small roller from the middle outwards.

What kind of icing should I use?

Icing and rice paper toppers can be applied to any topping but moisture will cause the topper to wilt or curl over time. The less water your icing contains, the better it is for your toppers.

Butter Cream Icing: Your topper should be applied before the icing on your cake has had time to form a skin or crust,

Rolled Fondant/Marizpan: Use water, edible glue or piping gel to moisten the area you are applying the topper to. For smaller images, you can moisten the back of the image with piping gel before applying it.

Ganache/Poured Fondant: Pour your icing as usual and apply the edible image before the icing sets. Be sure your cake is level or the edible image may slide.

Chocolate: Edible images can be applied to the surface of melted chocolate and candy melt. We can sometimes change the background colour of the icing sheet from white to a chocolate brown to give a more chocolate effect!