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Here you can buy cake and cupcake toppers to help raise vital funding for the Unique..  For every sale of these cake toppers, 25% is donated to Unique.  

Receiving a diagnosis that your child has a chromosome disorder can be deeply painful and overwhelming and made even more frightening by the fact very little information is given about how their child will be affected. Individually, chromosome disorders are incredibly rare but collectively they are common and can occur in any family.  At least one in every 200 babies is born with a rare chromosome disorder, with many severely disabled.  Some people with chromosome disorders have no outward signs but face medical, educational or behavioural issues.  Unique helps families by providing information on the meaning of chromosome disorders and how they are likely to affect their children.  Unique matches families with others throughout the world who are affected by similar disorders so that they can share information and support for each other.

Find out more information at www.rarechromo.org