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We get hundreds of emails every day here at My Cupcake Toppers and a lot of them are people asking for advice on which type of toppers are best suited to give the right impression. So here’s a run-down of the different papers we provide, their best uses and our thoughts on how to give your cupcakes the wow factor.


There are three types of cupcake toppers to choose from; standard rice paper, premium rice paper and icing paper and each have their own benefits.

We can print toppers pretty much any way you want them but we have two standard sizes which we also offer a cutting service for. Our larger  2.13” toppers come in quantities of 12 and our smaller 1.5” toppers which are printed in sheets of 30.

Our standard rice paper, at 0.44mm is the thinnest topper. So thin, in fact that they are slightly translucent, light and flexible making them the most cost efficient option for glamming up
your cupcakes.

Since these toppers are wafer thin, they do absorb ink when printing and because of this you’ll get the best effect with a simple design or photo which doesn't contain too many shades and colours.

If you’re planning to personalise your toppers further by adding text then bear in mind that 1.5” is just under 4cm. It’s not a big space for squeezing in a lot of words and this is a case where less is definitely more.

Standard rice paper toppers are by far our most popular product, ideal for childrens' cakes, company/charity logos and bold art images whilst keeping costs down.

Premium rice paper is our latest addition which we added as a result of demand for a mid-range product and we’ve been pleasantly surprised at how quickly they have been flying out the door.

This paper is 0.7mm thick and has a thin card-like effect with a smooth sheen surface.  The cut toppers are firm, strong and visibly higher quality than standard paper.

The ink stays on the surface better so these are suited to more detailed designs, ‘busy’ photos and small text. The only recommendation with these toppers is that you don’t use designs with large areas of very dark colour as too much ink doesn't take well to the smooth surface.

Although these toppers are a bit more expensive it looks like they could soon become the top favourites and are very popular for photographic images.

For the crème de la crème of toppers there is only one solution – our edible icing toppers are a very thin disc of icing paper and there are no limitations on what works well with these toppers. They all look great.

Icing toppers are more expensive though and require a little more effort as they need to be dried in a cool oven before use which allows them to be easily popped off the shiny backing paper which they are stuck to.

How to back icing cupcake toppers with sugarpasteIf you want people talking about your cakes long after they’re gone, you can stick them to discs of thinly rolled flower paste which will make them solid, long-lasting and seriously impressive.  You can watch our video here.

Edible icing toppers are for those special occasions when your cakes are the centrepiece and not an extra.

We have now started keeping a stock of sample packs so that you can see for yourself what the difference is between the types of toppers. If you’d like one sent out to you please get in touch by email or add a note in the special instructions box when you place your next order.

Happy baking!

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    Just like to thank you for my order, perfect and they went down a storm. I will be using you again. Many thanks

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