My Cupcake Toppers have settled into a new premises in Strathclyde Business Park just in time for the Christmas rush



After starting as a one man kitchen table enterprise over five years ago, business boomed in 2015 and we've grown into a team of three with a brand new office at 33 Grovewood Business Centre, Bellshill.

With over 7,000 orders and still counting in the last year alone we needed more space and more hands to turn your pictures into toppers so director Anna Kennedy has brought in two new members of staff including a second director, Ruth Downs.

The new office is ideal for us and the double doors will allow us to roll in some serious machinery for cutting toppers with more speed and precision in the very near future.

Our sister business, My Cupcake Heaven, is still operating from 33 Tenant Wynd for our local customers who need a quick solution for party cakes, treats and gifts.

A massive thanks to everyone who has supported us this last year, we all love our job and plan to just keep getting better.



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Santa Through the Years

Our top 10 treats of Christmas

Over the next four weeks we will be faced daily with treats and temptations with every step we take, on the run up to Christmas Day. Then between Christmas and New Year, we are faced with even more delicious morsels that threaten to expand our waistlines with every bite. Now is the time to enjoy, then come the 1st January we can get back to the healthy eating (and the gym).

Here at My Cupcake Toppers we have put together a list of our top 10 treats of Christmas - the goodies our families enjoy over the festive period.

Gingerbread men1. Gingerbread men are not only extremely tasty but are great fun to make as well.  You can go with the traditional decorations of currents or raisins for buttons etc. or you can jazz them up with coloured icing, sweeties - anything you and your kids want to use.

Mince Pies2.  Mince Pies are an absolute must around Christmas and with the shops stocking them from late October, now we don't have to wait. Nothing beats a homemade mince pie though in my opinion and I don't think Santa would pay our house a visit if there wasn't one waiting by the fire place on Christmas Eve!

3. Back in September I made my Christmas cakes for this year - 8 in total!  One for my own family, then one each for Ruth and Joyce here at My Cupcake Toppers, three more for friends/family and the last two are gifts for our local school Christmas raffle and also another raffle for our local hospice.

Since then, I have been feeding them brandy every second Sunday religiously and next week I have the job of covering them with marzipan and icing, finally adding the decorations the week before Christmas. 

Whilst my mum always used to create some kind of festive snow scene when I was a child, I find it much easier to use one of our Christmas cake toppers and then add a few extra touches with icing.

Christmas cake

Christmas cookies4. If you like getting in the kitchen at this time of year, Christmas cookies are a quick and easy treat you can make. There are so many different cookie cutters on the market these days, along with glitter, sprinkles, icing tubes ready to pipe onto your creations - you really could make a different batch every day!

5. We don't need to buy in much chocolate for the holidays as the girls are given selection boxes at School, Church, Brownies, Dancing, Swimming club... and the list goes on.  Thankfully they all seem to be of the Cadburys variety, which is my chocolate of choice - "if mum's happy, everyones happy".

6. There is only so much dessert you can eat after a big Christmas dinner, however I would not be thanked by my husband if I didn't make him a big trifle. 

Candy Cane cake7. Whether you put them on a cake, hang them on your Christmas tree or simply eat them straight away, the sweet peppermint taste of a candy cane is a welcome relief from all the chocolate consumed at this time of year.                                                                                              Christmas Pudding

8.  Not everyone likes Christmas pudding in our house (hence the trifle) but I would not be without it.  Especially topped with lots of hot rum sauce - plenty of rum! 

Chocolate Truffles 9. From the 20p truffles sold at the school Christmas Fayre to the £20 luxury truffles sold at Fortnum and Mason, they are all delicious.  Buy them or make them yourself, the variety of flavours that can go into these tasty bite size delights are too many to count.

10. The ultimate treat - Christmas may be the only time for many people to justify spending the price of a small car on what really is just a sweet confection.  The amazing colours and flavours are incredible though - a real thing of beauty.Macarons
 I hope you like our round up of sweet Christmas treats.  I know there are lots of other things out there that we have not mentioned - we would love to hear about your favourites at this time of year.  Please feel free to leave us a comment.


Decorate your own dog biscuit

Gift buying for pets has seen a huge increase over the last few years, and dogs top the list by a mile.

Decorate your own dog biscuit from TescoThis Christmas, Tesco have launched a new addition to their Christmas range for pets - "Decorate your own dog Biscuit".  The kit includes a large wholemeal dog biscuit in the shape of a bone, a wee tube of red icing, and two of our printed edible rice paper cake toppers.  This means that you can use the icing and topper to decorate the biscuit however you like for your pooch and he gets to enjoy a treat at Christmas with the rest of the family.

We are so excited that they have chosen to include our cake toppers in the set, and rushed straight out to buy one to try our ourselves.  You can check out our video below to see how we got on, but my friends dog, the wonderful Sidney, really enjoyed every last crumb.

Our Top Five Halloween Treats

It's 31st October and it's Halloween. The sun has gone down and you hear a knock at the door. Gone are the days when you can give your guiser five pence or a handful of monkey nuts - they want MORE!!!

We have put together a collection of what we think are the best treats to hand out this Halloween.  Let us know if you have anything else hidden up your sleeve.

Toffee apples

The ultimate Halloween treat: whole apples covered in a hard toffee coating, with a stick inserted as a handle. These are a common treat at autumn festivals such as Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night because these festivals fall in the wake of the annual apple harvest.


This is the treat I have been handing out for the last six years at Halloween, and every year I have to make more and more.  Thanks to our printed cupcake toppers, we can tailor them to Halloween easily, and our mini cupcakes are the perfect bite size treat for some of the younger visitors we get.


There are an incredible amount of sweets available that are geared specifically towards Halloween; mini chocolate pumpkins, jelly eyeballs, crunchy spiders... but all the supermarkets have shelves full of multipacks of favourites like Haribo and Cadburys mini's too.


Many a bag of crisps are handing out at Halloween, but did you know that Paprika Pringles have neen totally rebranded to celebrate the spooky season?


This may be hard to believe, but kids love erasers! Especially when they’re shaped like an animal or some other character, or even a lego brick!






Printed edible Halloween cake toppers and cupcake toppers

Yesterday the office temperature dropped dramatically. Anna was still aching from the #greatscottishrun and the maintenance boys were out clearing the gutters. Christmas has exploded into the shops, it’s judges houses on the X-Factor and the October holidays are within reach. All of this can mean only one thing – It’s nearly Halloween!

Halloween (or all Hallows' eve) is the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day, a time for people to remember the saints (hallows), the martyrs and those who have passed on. It is understood that this Christian practice replaced the old Pagan ways, mainly the Gaelic festival Samhain which marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the ‘dark half of the year’. This opening to the dark half, as many believed, was the time of year when the veil between this world and the otherworld was at its thinnest – a time when not only did the spirits of the dead return to visit but the fairies were also let in.

The spirits and the fairies were equally respected and feared and the belief was that they must be celebrated as well as placated with gifts of food and drink or bad luck would bestow the family. Being a mischievous lot, the fairies would play pranks and cause trouble if they weren’t satisfied with their gifts. Places were set at the table for the departed and candles were lit from the graves to every room in the house in order guide the spirits home from the afterlife. Church services were held, hearty meals prepared and games planned to honour the occasion. 

Some Christians abstained from eating meat on Halloween leading to an English tradition of eating apples, potato pancakes and soul cakes and children earned their treats by ‘souling’ or going door-to-door offering songs and prayers for the dead. Those with Celtic origins would dress up as ghosts and carry lanterns carved from turnips so that the spirits would not harm them and tricks and pranks were played throughout the night. This mix of cultures gradually combined in the early 19th century to give us the tradition of guising.

Wherever you come from food has always been a big part of Halloween and if you’re interested in serving up a traditional Halloween dish this year we’ve found great recipes for soul cakes, potato pancakes, Scottish cranachan (made with seasonal raspberries, cream and whiskey) and not forgetting the good old toffee apples. Just click on the dark grey link for more information.

The popularity of cupcakes is catching on year by year. Orders are starting to filter in for our pre-designed Halloween range and now is a good time to order your cupcake toppers to make this years Halloween unique. You can also upload your own images either using our new ‘Design Your Own Toppers’ tool for a speedier delivery or if you’d rather we do it for you, through our ‘personalised toppers’ service.

Whatever you decide to do this Halloween - Happy Haunting

Online cake toppers just got easier

A few weeks ago we launched our new "design your own cake topper" tool at My Cupcake Toppers, letting our customers easily decide exactly what they want on their printed cake toppers.  Not only can customers upload multiple images for their cake toppers they can also add their own text, choose a font, different colours and preview their masterpiece before adding to the shopping cart.  Designs can even be shared via social media!

If customers would rather we do the hard work, we still offer our in-house design service for a small additional charge.  Just upload the images and add any special instructions to an order and we will send a proof asap.

Whatever your special occasion, My Cupcake Toppers can print edible cake toppers just for you - including corporate events, charity fundraising, celebrations and many more.

As well as personalised toppers, we also offer a wide range of pre-designed toppers for decorating cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, biscuits or pies.  Our designs include popular TV shows, sports, special birthdays and wedding anniversaries, and seasonal occasions throughout the year.

It's a great way to get people talking about your event or occasion.